Top Tips

error messages

Where possible, you should always note down the error message (and any error numbers) generated when a PC encounters a problem before you let us know. If the error messages are in connection with an e-mail delivery problem then please forward any bounce-back messages associated with the error to us – it makes finding a solution to the problem much easier.


Before calling us with any IT problem, we suggest that any cables are checked to ensure they’re working. If possible, swap any suspect cables with another cable of the same type to check that the cable isn’t at fault.

switch off and on

Shutting down your PC and turning it back on again can help to resolve many basic PC and laptop problems and is usually the first thing a helpdesk will suggest. You should not do this on server computers, though!

no internet?

Your first port of call should be to turn your router off and leave it for a few minutes before turning it back on again. Routers are prone to “freezing” if there are any blips in the power. Turning it off and on forces the router to reset itself and in our experience this simple step solves over 50% of Internet problems.

Other reasons for Internet outages are faults on the line – you can contact BT for a line check – or a fault with your Internet Service Provider – contact them for a service status check, or phone PC Net!

no e-mail?

Check to see if you have a working Internet connection, if not then try restarting your router (see our other top tips) or call us for help!

pc running slowly?

We would usually check the PC for malicious software and check memory usage. If your PC is running out of memory and having to use virtual memory, it will run much slower. Extra memory is a fast and cheap way of speeding a PC up, as long as there are slots available inside the PC to fit more memory in!

printing troubles?

Check the print queue; make sure there are no jobs waiting to be printed. If the printer starts printing lines or smudges check your toner cartridge. We can service printers, but will let you know if it’s not worth it.