Our Clients Say

Professional, Patient and Thorough

The installation went very well. Robert was very professional and patient when I was asking lots of questions!  Although the installation was very simple I felt that plenty of time had been allocated to us so nothing was rushed or overlooked.  The server itself so far is performing well and I hope it continues to do so for many years to come. I feel assured that if any problems arise your professional team will be able to help.

Stuart - Oyster Communications

October 2016

A Swift Service - Laptop Fixed Fast

I am absolutely indebted to you. Nathan called me as he was leaving to let me know, you wouldn’t believe the relief I feel! Sincerely grateful to you all for dropping your other jobs to look into it. This is why I rate you guys so highly. Thank you.

Simon Chatwin - TDS Midlands Ltd

 August 2016

A Glowing Reference

We have used Katy, Paul and the team at NSS for the last 20 plus years, I have personally dealt with them since 2003 and have found them to be exemplary within their field. Over the course of time they have assisted us with numerous computer and office equipment issues ensuring that as a company we have the equipment and know how to stay abreast of today’s ever changing IT technology. They have assisted us with two complete office/factory relocations, installing a completely new network to accommodate our three sites, two of which work remotely without problems. They are contracted to maintain our system and equipment and are always helpful and prompt should any issues arise as well as being competitive.

Dave Teece - QA (Ironbridge) Ltd

February 2016

Short and Sweet!

Have to say we are very impressed with PC Net... wished we'd have moved years ago!

 Natalie Bennett- Bespoke Construction Services

February 2016

Major IT Move in Under 55 Hours!

One of our biggest customers, with over 300 employees, declared themselves “officially delighted” with our project management of their relocation to new premises in under 55 hours. Our PC Net team worked over the weekend to ensure that the operation ran seamlessly. The result? The old office closed at 5.00 on the Friday and the new one opened on Monday morning with business as usual.

Key to the successful move was meticulous planning and getting all IT infrastructure in place ahead of the physical move ready to plug and go. We supplied the new hardware, including servers which were pre-installed and configured, as well as wireless access points (WAPs) throughout the new 3-floor office block. The 100% wireless-coverage enables everyone to move around freely within the building with any mobile device without losing wireless signal - and means they can work wherever they want. Everyone benefits from the flexibility and is more productive as a result.

 Sept 2015

Laptop Rescue Service

Thank you so much for responding instantly and saving me from a significant crisis with my laptop which I depend on to such a great extent. Brilliant service, effective outcome, swiftly achieved and all with tea and smiles!

Nick Blackbourn - Director, Hooper Burrowes Legal

July 27th 2015

Server Bliss!

"Just a quick email to say thanks for the last 9 days 12 hours and 6 minutes. Life with a stable server has become so boring but its bliss. Thank you so much for all the work you have done, are doing and are going to do."

Anton Gunter, Global Freight

July 17th 2015

Server Problems Sorted!

After installing a new software package in our office we were told that our server wasn't compatible. PC Net came and assessed our systems, installed new servers and took our computers away for servicing. Any issues we had were resolved in a professional and timely manner and the remote help we have received since has been excellent. There may well be problems that arise in the future and we are more than confident that PC Net will be on hand to help keep us up and running!'

Nikki Lennox, ESP Energy

Oct 9th 2014

New Company-Wide Computer System

A major IT upgrade comprising of a new File Server, Office 365 including hosted exchange, new PCs and laptops to replace machines running on redundant operating systems. This resulted in the following email from the customer:

"A brilliant job, well planned and so professionally executed by two great guys! Please pass thanks to Andy and Robert. There will be a few things over the coming days and weeks but the major part has gone really well - thank you!"

Nick Chevasse, NRG Direct Mail Ltd

May 15th 2014

Power Cuts - No Problem!

Thanks to Katy and the NSS team we had a disaster recovery plan in place and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installed able to keep the business and our IT systems running without a hitch, when we were hit by a recent power cut. It's true, pro-active management really does pay off.

Grant Griffiths, CFG Furniture

Feb 14th 2014

Server Setup with a Data Protection Focus

Penny Hustwick, ABC Day Nursery

A Seamless Switch to a New Server

We ordered a replacement server from PC Net in November 2013. The server was installed over a weekend, which meant that we had no down time during open hours. An engineer was on site first thing on Monday morning to sort out any issues and help the staff. We have employees who work remotely and they were all connected up to the new server as soon as they were available. There were very few problems following the server replacement, but NSS were available at the end of the phone at all times to fix anything which caused us to scratch our heads
Richard Timmis, Easy Flow Ltd

Jan 29th 2014

A Loaned Server to the Rescue

Thank you NSS! Even though we have an extended next day manufacturer's warranty on our server; - when the motherboard developed a fault, the manufacturer sent out an engineer who first arrived with a faulty part, the next day he arrived with another faulty motherboard. So the "next day" repair of the server took a week. Meanwhile we were able to carry on working as NSS had installed a loan server as part of our maintenance contract with them. Once the server was repaired, it was swapped outside working hours.

Ruth Ross, Managing Director, Building Trust in Safety Ltd

Jan 29th 2014

CryptoLocker Recovery - A Data Disaster Averted

"Having been advised to be careful to ensure that our anti-virus software was up to date by an e-flyer from Katy at PC Net we were still hit by the 'Crypto Locker' virus due to a human error on our behalf. The incident occurred almost at the end of our business day (4:45 pm) and I decided to contact Katy to see if she could offer any advice. Not only was advice provided immediately, but a technician was dispatched immediately; arriving within the hour. To say that I was pleased with the service offered is an understatement.

My expectations were completely surpassed. The prompt action saved a considerable amount of data being affected and ensured that very little business 'down-time' was experienced. A huge thank you to Katy, Paul and the rest of the PC Net team."

Colin Thaw, Operations Director, SBC Training Ltd

Dec 31st 2013

Hardware and Infrastructure Overhaul

"We approached PC Net in May of this year to undertake a complete overhaul of our Server and PC's for our Telford office.

"As a Support and Care Provider to the elderly it was essential this exercise would not affect the service we provide but more importantly had as little impact on our business with no down time.

"PC Net where very diligent in this task and we were very happy with the time taken to ensure a smooth transition took place ensuring we were able to carry on as normal.

"This is a first-class service and I have no hesitation in recommending PC Net."

James Cropper, Director, Paradigm Health & Social Care

Sep 23rd 2013

Responsive Support

"Just a quick note to say thanks for getting us up and running so quickly AGAIN! Last week was a little hectic so your speed was crucial and as ever you all delivered. "

Rob Davies, Link-UK
Jun 6th 2013

Internet Connection Troubleshooting

"Success. Please thank genius Paul again for me - your customer service is as good as ever and I do recommend you whenever I can."

Chris Bristow, Dentist
Jun 4th 2013

Reliable and Fast Support

"Shelley Signs have worked with PC Net for many years. They are reliable and always sort out problems quickly. The team at PC Net are thoroughly recommended!"

Rob Shelley, Managing Director, Shelley Signs
Nov 28th 2012

Remote Support Saved my Sanity! - Your Virtual Organiser

"Whew! My relief when Robert logged on to my computer remotely to configure my daily back up Acronis software was huge! As a bit of a techie girl, I'd already bought the external back-up drive and the software and was all set to do it myself as I enjoy keeping on top of the technology I use to run my business. However, when I realised I was going to have to sit and read through a detailed manual just to find out which configuration settings I needed, a reality check kicked in.

As Your Virtual Organiser, I urge business owners to delegate those tasks that others do better than them and focus their energy on those key aspects of their business which they do best. I needed to take my own advice. I asked Robert to log on to my PC while I was working on something else and made much better use of my time.

Given that we hit a few glitches along the way (all down to my hardware) I'm really glad it was Robert who unpicked them rather than me.

Each evening I cast a glance at my external back up drive, see the blue light winking happily while the Backup icon on the Desktop tells me it's doing its job. Now I'm an enthusiastic advocate for remote support, especially for solopreneurs like myself. We don't need a full-time IT engineer but we do need peace of mind and someone to 'hop in' and to check all is fine or trouble-shoot from time to time."

Lesley Long, Remote Business Support & E-Coach, Your Virtual Organiser
October 31st 2012

Smooth Relocation of our Office & IT System - Morton-Wilson Associates Ltd

"Katy and her team at PC Net have always provided a first class service in respect of our IT requirements, including moving the whole office from one location to another in a timely and orderly manner so that there was no disruption of service to our clients. The service we receive from Katy and her team is immeasurably better than our former IT service provider, where there was little continuity, delays in dealing with problems and frustration in trying to get matters sorted out satisfactorily."

James Monro, Managing Director, Morton-Wilson Associates Ltd
April 3rd 2012

Spam Catching Service - Tigermarque

"We use Katy's company to mail wash our emails. We get hardly any spam now, a huge and time-efficient difference to previously. Would recommend them to anybody."

Simon Hesketh, Managing Director, Tigermarque
March 27th 2012

Quality Service with a Smile - Source Design Ltd

"Katy has been servicing our business needs for a number of years now and I wouldn't entertain moving companies. PC Net are thorough, expert and nice people to deal with. Trust is a big issue in business and Katy and her team deliver a quality service with a smile. What can I say?"

Sally Atkinson, Managing Director, Source Design Ltd
March 6th 2012

Data Migration, Security & Remote Access

We have worked with Katy & the team at PC Net since 2003. Over that period we have found them to be a highly professional & very reliable organisation with a detailed knowledge of IT support issues ranging from hardware & software advice through to data migration, security & remote access."

Sean Toms, Managing Director, Robinson Toms Recruitment Ltd
March 2012

Diligent, Businesslike, Professional - Porta Systems

Katy is a diligent business professional who is very polite and responsive to our requirements and is also very enthusiastic in her business objectives and is a very reliable individual. March 6, 2012

John Terrill, Managaing Director, Porta Systems
March 2012

Solid Advice and Speedy Assistance - Genus Systems Ltd

Katy is always available at the end of the phone to help Genus Systems Ltd out with solid advice and speedy assistance. She is second to none when it comes to helping us decide what we need & then sourcing our hardware purchases at the right price, and we always have & always will use her & her company PC Net for all our hardware issues & purchases.

Karen Wood, Genus System Ltd
March 6th 2012

Honest, Timely, Patient & Persistent - Building Trust in Safety Ltd

Well - what can I say! I was ripping my hair out and getting more frustrated as the days went on. Our server, the network and internet were really struggling and the company that look after out IT didn't seem that interested - apart from sending out someone to give me a quote for a brand new machine instead of even looking at the server to see what was causing the problem. As you can imagine... this was slightly annoying. So I called Katy and within an hour she sent Paul round to take a look.

When Paul is intrigued he is like a dog with a bone. He didn't stop until he found out what was causing the slow down. He soon came to the conclusion that it was definitely the server. Phew! This ruled out all of the other equipment and I wasn't going mad. He continued to stop services on the server to see which ones were causing the problem. Three hours later, he was getting closer to the culprit. He had managed to cross out lots of things from his long list.

Suddenly - yippee he had solved it! Some software that we had installed on the server was eating up a lot of the brain power and the internet speed. As the software was a trial that we didn't need anymore. Paul removed it all and ensured everything was working as it should and to top it all off - he believes the server has another year left in it.

I can't speak highly enough of PC Net, in all of our dealings they have been honest, timely, patient and persistent - they have never let me down. As soon as my contract finishes in November I know where I am going…

Ruth Ross, Managing Director, Building Trust in Safety Ltd
Feb 10th 2012


Customer Focused IT Support - Phillips Chartered Accountants

PC Net have been providing our IT and computer support for over 8 years.

We have always found their team to be highly reliable and professional. They provide excellent customer care and respond quickly to meet our needs. I have no hesitation in recommending PC Net to any of our clients.

Neil Phillips, Director of Phillips Chartered Accountants
Feb 6th 2012


A Complete Overhaul of an IT System - Rosie Consulting

I approached PC Net to undertake an complete overhaul of my entire IT to help me compete on a global stage, ensure safer systems and strong back up.

I knew my goal but not the path. PC Net led me through the process, costing and explaining options as we progressed, listening to every question how ever simplistic it might be. In conclusion, I have a system that totally meets my needs within a realistic and affordable budget and has good longevity; all vital for a small business.

I would highly recommend PC Net and have an on-going support contact to prove my trust in their ability.

Rosie Beswick, Managing Consultant, Rosie Consulting
Feb 6th 2012

Wireless Printer & Network Issues - Sorted! - Triangle HR

Everyone at PC Net is just fantastic.

We recently had an issue with our wireless printer and some network issues. Rob was just so patient with us talking us through every step. All sorted now. Thank you so much for always being on the end of the phone."

Alison at Triangle HR
9th May 2011

Reliable PC Support & Maintenance - SMC Concrete

We have used PC Net for well over 10 years for supplying and maintaining our computer and IT requirements. I cannot speak highly enough of the whole organisation. The quality of service is first class. My business very much needed to come out of the dark ages and PC Net facilitated that transition smoothly and efficiently.

Katy, your first port of call arranges and delegates your queries and concerns with effortless efficiency and Paul and Andy continue with a high degree of technical expertise. Whether its problems logging on remotely or information on new equipment, they have never disappointed, which is why I had no hesitation, when asked to provide this testimonial.

Richard Timmis, SMC MiniMix Concrete
9th May 2011

Laptop Firewire Connection Problem Fixed the Same Day - 7video Ltd

We called PC Net when our laptop firewire connection stopped working. Within half an hour of the guys taking the laptop away I received a call to explain how it could be fixed. They also offered some good advice as to how they would do it in the most cost effective way. We were then extremely pleased to receive a call at 4pm that same day to say that the laptop was fixed.

Because we were unable to collect the laptop PC Net kindly delivered it back to us by 5pm.

Overall, we can confidently say that the guys at PC Net are friendly, helpful, cost effective and just a pleasure to do business with. We will definitely be using PC Net again and would recommend them to anyone.

Peter Sims, Director, 7video Ltd
April 2011

7Video logo_1

Trusted Supplier for IT Equipment, Maintenance & Support - Newport Town Council

On behalf of Newport Town Council I would like to thank P.C. Net Solutions for all the help and support they provide to this busy office.

P.C. Net has been our trusted supplier for IT equipment, maintenance and IT support for many years now and the service just gets better and better. We are especially grateful for the speed at which you act to solve our problems, engineers are always on site very quickly.

We are also grateful that they keep our staff well informed and can help even our most novice IT people to understand the situation. I would also like to thank you personally, it is great to know there is always a cheery, helpful voice at the end of the phone.

We look forward to working with you again this year. Again, many thanks.

Jayne Parnham, Deputy Town Clerk, Newport Town Council

Reliable Call Out Service - Turnbull Garrard Solicitors

We have been very pleased with the quality of the service provided and the response to our call out requests. They have always tried to minimise any disruption to the office and I can confirm that we have experienced greater reliability since PC Net have dealt with our IT needs."

Anna James, Managing Partner, Turnbull Garrard Solicitors

Major Upgrade of Server, PCs & Broadband - Ace Suppliers

We had a major upgrade with a new server, PCs, software, and Broadband installation all supplied by PC Net.

These systems have proved to be both robust and reliable - resulting in reasonable ongoing maintenance costs with minimal interruptions. When there are problems, PC Net's response time is good, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Alison Clark, Ace Suppliers

Professional Service with a Personal Touch - Montgomery Wildlife Trust

PC Net combine the experience and knowledge of a professional IT company with the friendly, personal service of a family business.

We can concentrate on our vital conservation work without having to worry about our IT systems or their maintenance.

Eley Hart, Operations Manager, Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust
July 2009

You Took Away Our Misery & Solved All Our Problems - Link Uk

Thank you so much for the way your company guided us through our misery and solved all problems. Hope you'll be there in the future. Also, thanks to your staff!

Petra, Link UK
May 2009

Kept our Production Running & Saved the Day - The Jools Payne Partnership Ltd

As a communications consultancy producing weekly staff newsletters for two major retail clients, meeting the five day production schedule is critical to maintaining our reputation for outstanding service to our clients. With such a tight turnaround window, any kind of blip makes life uncomfortable.

When a power surge knocked out the hard drive in my PC the day before deadline day, it was Katy at PC Net to whom I turned for help. Katy understood our issues, dropping everything to charge up the A5 from Telford to Oswestry to personally collect the blown hard drive at 6pm that evening - arriving just 1.5 hours after my call.

You can imagine my relief when Paul was on our doorstep just after 9 a.m. the next morning with a fully repaired hard drive, re-installed within minutes. Virtually no interruption to our production schedule meant we were able to maintain our 100% delivery on time record.

That kind of fast, efficient and responsive service at a fair price is absolutely unbeatable. It's why we use PC Net for all our IT needs. I heartily recommend them…and they're jolly nice people to do business with too

Jools Payne, The Jools Payne Partnership Ltd
July 2009