An IP address is an Internet Protocol address. It is used to connect to the Internet and identify devices, which allows computers, mobile devices and servers to communicate with each other.


Do you feel your IT team focuses more on day-to-day maintenance than on driving IT strategy?

Here we look at what an IT strategy is, what it works towards and why it is important to have one in place – as well as the pitfalls for businesses that should have one in action but don’t!


IT systems breaches and the loss of personal and corporate information can be very costly in terms of both time and money and also bring heightened levels of worry, stress and anxiety – all of which can be eased through the implementation of a few basic but essential security measures.


Have you implemented a training programme for staff yet focusing on cyber security?

No? Well now would be a good time to prioritise such a strategy for new and existing employees – bringing them up to date with the dangers and risks and training them up on the very latest and best cyber security practices.