We have posted a lot about cyber security threats and the need for businesses to obtain Cyber Essentials certification – a measure of just how important we believe this safeguard to be. So you may be surprised to learn that only around 20% of businesses currently have some form of cyber certification in place!

It’s an astounding figure when you think about the increased dangers now that more people are working from home or hybrid and that 40% of businesses reported being the victim of cyber attacks over the last year.


What is a Disaster Recovery Plan? Does your business have one? What should be in it?

It’s vitally important that your business can remain operational – regardless of anything that is thrown at it. But bad things happen in all walks of life and IT is no exception, which is why you need a plan in place to minimise any disruption and potentially destructive security breaches.


Technology! We live and work with it every day. It is the means of making a living, has fuelled a social media obsession and is the fount of all knowledge, accurate and otherwise – but has this valued servant now become our master?


Because technology has its place – and it is a big place in this post lockdown digital world – but it is really important that in a world so dominated by technology….we take time out.