Turning a Disaster into a Blip?

More than half of businesses that suffer data loss for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy immediately – with 93 per cent filing within a year…

A study by the British Chambers of Commerce revealed these statistics, but they do not surprise us as an IT support company.

According to an industry study by The Diffusion Group, which surveyed small business organisations, 60 per cent of companies that lose their data close down within six months and 72 per cent of businesses that suffer major losses disappear within 24 months.

Disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning should be fundamental procedures for businesses – and is something we advise for all of our clients and work with them to complete.

Many businesses are now cloud-based but fail to consider if a ‘disaster’ impacts their power source, or a phone line or broadband…something as simple as a fallen tree can have a major impact.

PC Net also helps to protect against potentially catastrophic losses by offering a range of backup services that ensure your data is backed up regularly and checked, ensuring all network activity is secure.

Are you up to date with your Disaster Recovery Plan? Our blog takes a look at whether your business should have one and what should be in it.