Turning a disaster into a blip?

70% of businesses which suffer catastrophic data loss are closed within 18 months (UK DTI)

It is acknowledged that disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning should be fundamental procedures for businesses.

PC Net help to protect against these potentially catastrophic losses by offering a range of back up services that ensure your data is backed up regularly and checked, and ensuring all network activity is secure.


Maintenance Contracts

Imagine a hasslefree computer system and network maintenance.

Having to budget for repairs is difficult. Putting your IT kit on a maintenance contract can help you predict and control your budget with greater certainty. A maintenance contract takes away the worry associated with computers and servers.

We can arrange maintenance contracts for IT business hardware that cover all of your equipment needs or just the critical ones such as: servers, laptops, PC’s, printers, routers and firewalls. Our four basic tiers provide a level of support to suit you (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.)

Silver Gold Platinum
Anti-virus & backup server checks

Hardware & software maintenance

Spam filtering service

Domain registration

Selected home users set-up


Remote Monitoring and Support

Our remote monitoring and technical support service gives you peace of mind and saves valuable time when problems arise.

Your Business Critical Systems

Your computer system and network may develop problems at any time. With our remote logging software we actively monitor and track business critical IT kit and specific items including:

  • Servers
  • Individual PCs
  • Network performance  
  • Email traffic through Exchange Server
  • Scheduled back ups
  • Hard disk activity, hard disk storage space and use of memory
  • Individual components
  • Firewall status
  • Anti-Virus software updates
  • Internet access & connectivity
  • Your website status 
  • Critical Microsoft operating system and security updates
  • ... and much more

How Remote Monitoring Helps Us to Help You  

Remote monitoring enables us to:  

  • Specify and monitor the most business critical technical equipment on your network
  • Spot potential failures and performance issues affecting your productivity before they happen
  • Accurately identify the source of problems which means we can resolve issues faster - often before you are aware there is a problem
  • Send you immediate and automatic alerts of issues and failures as soon as they happen
  • Save you money by reducing the frequency and duration of downtime

Remote Monitoring Support Packages

We offer a range of remote support packages to suit different business needs including regular test and restore of backups.

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