What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a security hardware device or software that forms a secure barrier and inspects data traffic, blocking threats that might harm your Network.

Firewalls are designed to authorize low-risk traffic that might not harm your network, but if it detects harmful traffic, either from a virus or a hacker trying to gain entry, it blocks it immediately.

In a similar role to a guard at your gates; a firewall checks what’s coming in and going out. It uses commands, which can be pre-set to filter suspicious and unsecured sources.

Why is a Firewall Important?

It is important to have a stable and reliable firewall in your company’s network. It plays a crucial role in protecting the IT network from intruders. A Firewall performs the following tasks:

Preventing Hacks

Because most businesses rely on access to websites and use emails; hacking activities continue to rise significantly. A firewall defends your network and therefore your data from unauthorized connections, and potentially from hackers. Firewalls have become an essential part of any company that wants to protect its data. It can deter a hacker from accessing your network entirely.

Monitoring Network Traffic

A firewall monitors traffic at all times to safeguard your network. Continuous monitoring can be used to create advanced security layers.

Promoting Privacy

Since firewalls proactively keep your network safe, they promote brand reputation. Clients know they can trust your company with their data since all systems are secure and inaccessible by hackers. With many people now working from home, it’s good to have the knowledge that your firewall is looking after the security of the links.

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