The Best Business Broadband Connection

Connecting to the Internet has never been easier but in business there are certain points to consider. PC Net can provide a broadband connection suited to the upload and download requirements of a customer, and requirements for a range of IP addresses.

Even in 2021 there are areas within our county which have poor traditional internet connectivity. We have a register of internet service providers (ISP’s ) who may be able to offer a better upload/ download speed than conventional providers.

Sometimes cost is not the only option to take into account, but if a speedy internet connection is an absolute necessity we can use our knowledge of available ISP’s to search for the best fit.

A business which is totally reliant on accessing websites to service its customers should consider getting a second broadband connection. These can be connected to a single router. If two different ISP’s are used then this can give better failover ability.

If a business owner can calculate the cost of not having an internet connection to the business (for instance the hourly rate of staff sitting around unable to work.)