Cloud Services

office 365 and hosted email

Your business may be able to operate more efficiently with Microsoft Office 365 and Hosted Email to give your employees “anywhere access” to emails and shared calendars.  It’s not suitable for everyone but is an option we can discuss with you.

cloud backup

Any one who uses a computer needs to back the data up in a separate place to the computer. One option is to use the cloud to store your company data.

Cloud storage is a form of data storage which is managed, maintained and backed up remotely, this is done over the internet. PC Net Solutions can install this and ensure that it is setup correctly and securely.

cloud servers

In some respects Cloud servers work in the same way as physical servers. There are pros and cons to renting space away from the business premises to locate your server, or renting space on a shared Cloud server. We can discuss this with you before deciding on the option which is best for you.