Internet & Network

The best business broadband connection

Connecting to the Internet has never been easier but in business there are certain points to consider. PC Net can provide a broadband connection suited to the upload and download requirements of a customer, and requirements for a range of IP addresses.


How to surf safely

Internet security involves the protection of a computer's network from intrusion by an unknown user. Basic security measures involve protection by well selected passwords, internet security hardware and software installation and setting up of rules within operating systems.

PC Net can supply and install anti virus software and implement it in an efficient manner so that it does not slow down network activity, yet checks for malicious software including trojans, viruses and spy ware. A firewall increases the security – especially when a company regularly uses remote access to work from home. PC Net has installed Sonicwall firewalls for over 10 years. We can also advise on Internet content filtering and assist with blocking of certain sites. (An example of this is the blocking of social networking sites).


Cutting out Spam

Our mail filtering service (mailwash) uses Barracuda servers through which our clients’ email is passed. The Barracuda is linked to other Barracudas all across the world – continually learning where spam is originating and communicating that information. The Barracuda system is a constantly learning and updating system. Customers who use it certainly appreciate the removal of the task of deleting hundreds of unwanted emails per day.


Maintenance Contracts

Good network design combines the elements of speed, flexibility and reliability with future growth considered.

By working closely with our clients to understand their core requirements and future strategy we will establish a brief.

This will form the basis to enable us to design and build a bespoke network that can grow in line with your business.


Joined up computer systems

PC Net Solutions can install a computer network including the very basic cabling and cabinet which holds the server and phone switches. We can also supply and install all other network components; such as switches, network cards and print servers to share printers on a network.

New offices are ready cabled for computers to be plugged in and joined to a server. Our skill lies in installing the server in a stable and secure way, connecting the PC’s, and peripherals, making sure that backups run, anti virus software is up to date and any bespoke software applications do not conflict with other software being used.

It is also common for offices at different locations to be joined by a network using safe networking technology over the Internet. This is becoming easier now that broadband speeds are higher and service is reliable. It is also easy to work from home or on holiday using secure connections.


Caring for the heart of the system

A server is different from other PC’s, a server is a computer which acts like a library for files, and programs, it holds the data, the backup system, it controls the IT in a business, storing and accessing information centrally and efficiently. For this reason it is often seen as the most important part of the network.

PC Net Solutions configures and monitors logging and analysis reports on servers. These include reports detailing backup success/failure, anti virus software updates, or incidences of high memory usage, or processor activity which may indicate underlying problems.

PC Net Solutions offer Server Maintenance contracts from £55 per month.


Cloud Services

Office 365 and Hosted Email

Your business may be able to operate more efficiently with Microsoft Office 365 and Hosted Email to give your employees "anywhere access" to emails and shared calendars.  It’s not suitable for everyone but is an option we can discuss with you.

Cloud backup

Any one who uses a computer needs to back the data up in a separate place to the computer. One option is to use the cloud to store your company data.

Cloud storage is a form of data storage which is managed, maintained and backed up remotely, this is done over the internet. PC Net Solutions can install this and ensure that it is setup correctly and securely.

Cloud Servers

In some respects Cloud servers work in the same way as physical servers. There are pros and cons to renting space away from the business premises to locate your server, or renting space on a shared Cloud server. We can discuss this with you before deciding on the option which is best for you.