PC, laptop and tablet supply

As companies grow or adapt, we work with them to ensure the workforce has the IT infrastructure they need – more efficient computers, laptops for home and flexible working and IT equipment required by specific industries and ways of working.

Standard and non-standard PC design and build

These days computers are not all built identically and depending on your usage, you may require something special.

Here at PC Net, we will always recommend what’s best for you; whether it needs to be ultra-quiet with a sleek look for a stylish office, or a high-powered machine for design and CAD use or machine learning, we can always provide options.

When it comes to custom options, PCs aren’t the only thing we can provide; for example all the servers we supply are built and specified to specifically meet the usage, whether you are running a simple file server, a large domain with Exchange, SQL Server or highly virtualised redundant environments, we can help you make the right choice.