Hardware & Software

Design and Build for Unusual Circumstances

Sometimes software packages and applications demand certain PC specifications and a bespoke designed PC is therefore required, for example low noise or high end graphics machines. PC Net can design and install a PC to the exact requirements of the environment or task for which it is needed.


Printer & Peripheral Sales

Printer technology changes constantly and we try to match the printing requirements and specifications of the job. We are able to setup printers so they can be accessed by anyone on the network.

It is now common for businesses to use scanners for archiving of paperwork. We can supply document scanning hardware and software as required, for further efficiency a multi-sheet feeder can be supplied. These can also be networked and allow the user to file and store scanned copies of documents for easy retrieval.


Getting your PC to do what you want it to

Software can be bought through PC Net and we can advise our clients on which package is best for purpose. There are often several versions, single, /multi user, corporate and academic. We supply and have first hand experience installing and maintaining most common business software packages; this includes products by companies such as Microsoft, Sage and McAfee.