Windows XP End of Support: What to do Next

Microsoft has announced that from 8th April
2014, support for Windows XP will stop
. Most importantly, this means the end of
the Automatic Updates which help to protect your PC.

If you continue to use
Windows XP after 8th April 2014 it is very likely that your PC will become more
vulnerable to viruses and security risks. You may also experience problems with
other software you are running no longer being compatible with your ‘old’
Windows XP operating system.

you are using Windows XP Pro or Home you need to can take effective action in
plenty of time. With only 5 months to the deadline, now is the best time to
plan ahead for this change. I

It’s a good time to
consider replacing your PC and installing an operating system with Windows 7 or
Windows 8. Read our Blog about
the Pros & Cons of Windows 8.

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