Windows 7 warning from NSA!

Have you done anything to upgrade your Windows 7 system, which becomes obsolete in January 2020?

If not, the clock is ticking and there is now a little more than six months to put steps in place to keep you and your business safe from attack.

Regular readers of our blog will know we have been warning about the dangers for several months and urging action, but there will be many who will have pushed the problem into the background in favour of what are deemed to be more immediate issues in need attention.

The problem

Microsoft is ending its Extended Support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008/R2 and Exchange Server on January 14, 2020, meaning updates and security patches – the cyber safety net, if you like – will no longer be available with the result of Windows 7 workstations and these servers becoming increasingly under threat.

In plain terms, it means you are more susceptible to cybersecurity breaches and the loss of vital data. Your systems WILL NO LONGER BE SAFE!

If you are in any doubt about the seriousness of the situation, we would draw your attention to a recent story by the BBC in which the American National Security Agency (NSA) warns Microsoft Windows users to make sure they have updated systems to guard against cyber attack.

If it’s something the NSA feels necessary to raise, then we all need to be sitting up and taking notice!

The NSA warns of “significant risk” because of the vulnerability of older versions of Windows and it follows a statement from Microsoft saying anyone operating on Windows 7 or earlier systems should “update as soon as possible”.

The company also urged its customers to “keep updating internal systems with the latest fixes” in order to stay safe.

The solution

Find out what systems you are working on. This involves workstations, servers and laptops and if you have PCs or laptops running Windows 7, can you upgrade newer computers to Windows 10? If action is needed, take the necessary steps without further delay.

Windows 10 brings in a new sustainability era – WaaS, Windows as a Service, which means Microsoft is incorporating continuous updates and support, ensuring systems stay up-to-date well into the future.

Businesses will no longer need to bring in a new operating system through replacement or upgrade because it will all be done automatically. Think of the time, cost and worry that will save in future when there is no “end of life” issues to cause concern.

Windows 10

In years to come Windows 10 will not resemble the operating system we know today but the regular behind the scenes updates and fixes will ensure it remains of its time without the major upheaval presently associated with replacing and upgrading an obsolete system of the past.

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