What actions do I need to take about Windows 7 upgrade?

Last month we warned about the looming end-of-life deadline for Microsoft’s Windows 7 and the need to do a Windows 7 upgrade – the day when the company ends all support for the system and focuses wholly on its more recent creations.

That deadline is January 14, 2020, and anyone still using the outdated and unsupported Windows 7 after that date will face an increased risk of cyber attack.


So what action do you need to take to ensure security?

One of the biggest problems is that Windows 7 has been one of the most successful systems developed by Microsoft meaning many users have stuck with it, skipped a Windows 8 upgrade and even delayed the switch to Windows 10.

Its success could also prove to be the downfall of many who have taken this approach and stuck by a system that has worked perfectly well to fill their needs to this point.


Put plans for upgrade in place NOW

It’s important to put plans for that upgrade in place now in order to be safe and secure after January 14 next year, because you can bet someone somewhere is already working on how they can make the most of the vulnerability of an unprotected system.

Microsoft is recommending Windows 7 users move to a new device with Windows 10, claiming the speed and security of today’s PCs and other devices make it the most logical solution.


Avoid serious cyber attacks

Without the support of Microsoft, including regular patches and security updates, you are playing a very dangerous game by continuing with Windows 7. It’s important to remember that many people who stayed with Windows XP when it came to the end of its life were victim to serious cyber attacks.

Windows 10 receives regular updates and patches to maintain security and can be installed on most devices with little or no problems. It’s also worth knowing that Microsoft has an extensive range of help and support available on its website.

But it’s important to make sure everything is compatible and the best way to do this is to get the help of an IT professional – someone who does this sort of thing on a daily basis. That way you will know antivirus and firewalls are in place and everything has been upgraded properly.


Taking a risk

There’s nothing stopping you continuing to use Windows 7 after January 14 but using an outdated system is making you more vulnerable to attack. Can you really afford to take that risk?

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