Windows 10 – The Latest!

During January 2015 Microsoft released a wealth of new
information on the highly anticipated Windows 10 operating system. With many
considering Windows 8 a disappointment, all eyes are on Windows 10 to see what
it has to offer.

Here’s an update of what we know so far:

  • The Start
    menu is back
    ! – After the touch screen, app integrated layout of Windows 8;
    Windows 10 will be bringing back the Start menu we know and love.
  • Release
    – Windows 10 will be released late 2015.
  • Free upgrade
    – During its first year Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade for
    Windows 7 and 8/8.1 machines.
  • Going
    – If users don’t upgrade within the first year, it is expected that
    Microsoft will charge a one-off licence fee.
  • Web
    – Microsoft have announced the new Spartan web browser which looks set to
    replace Internet Explorer.
  • Task View
    -The new Task View button will allow one view which displays all
    open apps and files to be previewed and easily accessed/navigated.

The Surface Hub 

Microsoft also
announce the 84 Inch touch screen device known as the Surface Hub.
Designed for video conferencing in the business environment the Surface Hub
includes two 1080p video cameras and microphones made to act as a Skype client;
these also track movement and sound to point to the correct person during video
conferences or meeting.

The device will utilise Windows 10 and will include
several touch screen pens to allowing users to annotate content and personalise presentations.

What Do We Think?

Here at Network Support Solutions we are looking forward to
testing the Windows 10 operating system. We hope it will live up to its promise to be more user friendly and more suitable for the the business environment.