Windows 10 Revealed

At a press event on Tuesday
30th September, Microsoft launched the next version of Windows: Not
Windows One, not Windows 9, but Windows 10. The new OS combines the reborn
Start menu with Windows 8’s colourful live tiles and is able to adjust its
behaviour depending on how you use your device. It looks to be a significant
improvement on Windows 8.

Microsoft is already
referring to the new system as a ‘build’ and Windows 10; the new face of both
Windows and eventually Windows Phone, is tentatively scheduled to launch in
mid-2015. Microsoft is actively seeking technical user feedback on the new
system and will no doubt add, change or remove features as a result – so what
you see now won’t be the finished article.

Technically minded PC developers
are being encouraged to take the ‘product for a spin’ and can join the new
program, launched on Wednesday 1st
October 2014. And, if you are not technically minded, we recommend you take a
look at the
demo video presented by Joe Belfiore Microsoft Vice-President
anyway. It reveals that some familiar features are back: the Search tool, the
Start menu and the desktop albeit upgraded and integrated with an Apps

it an improvement on Windows 8?

Yes in short. Microsoft is
keen to woo users of Windows 7 who sidestepped Windows 8 finding it baffling
and confusing. Windows 10 user-friendly features include a revamped Start menu;
a new task view to help with
multi-tasking; virtual desktops using familiar ALT-TAB features; windowed apps;
a new “snap assist” capability and
Search improvements.

Hachman, Senior Editor at PC World
, was at
the launch to give the new OS the product a test drive. You can read his full
article and
the launch video here.

Here at Network Support
Solutions we’re excited to see how Windows 10 evolves and will keep you posted
on progress as we learn more.

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