Why Windows Updates Really DO Matter

In the IT world “Patch Tuesday”
is the unofficial nickname for the 2nd Tuesday of every month when
Windows operating system (OS) updates are released. These monthly
updates range from patching up security loopholes, fixing bugs,
improving performance and upgrading important hardware drivers. Most
vital of these updates are the security patches. As the name suggests,
these patch up any loopholes within the Windows OS and its associated
software, to protect against infections and viruses.

is the same reason why Windows XP is now so risky to use; any loopholes
in the XP operating system will now never be patched).

Automatic or manual install

new updates come out the majority of PC’s will automatically download and
install the important updates.  If not, and you are notified to download
and install these, it’s very important you accept and act on this

with all newly installed software, you’ll need to reboot your PC or
shut it down altogether to complete the installation. Windows (and some
anti-virus software’s such as ESET) will usually prompt you to reboot
the PC or ask if you want to postpone this action. It’s generally OK to
postpone the shutdown until the end of the day but you will need to
remember to reboot or shut down your PC before you go home.

Configuring the updates

the PC is powered back on the updates are automatically configured.
This may cause the Startup process to take slightly longer than usual.
This is normal; either sit it out for 5 minutes or go and make yourself a
cup of tea. Once the updates are complete you can be confident that
your machine is up to date and safely protected from any threats.

Updates are not just for Windows

Important updates are not just limited to the Windows OS. Others  you should not neglect include:

  • Internet browsers – These are usually done automatically
  • Mobile phone operating systems – May need to be done manually when connected to WIFI,  e.g. Apple IOS
  • Industry specific software – Depending on the software it may be done automatically, or it may ask you ‘the User’ for permission. 
  • Anti-virus
    If running on a server then updates are regularly pushed out to all
    workstations. If you are using a laptop away from your office then you
    may need to do the updates manually.
  • Hardware drivers

you have any questions regarding updates, or are worried that you may be
running software or a PC which needs updating then feel free to contact us 01952 68403001952 684030 or email Katy@networksupportsolutions.co.uk