What is an MSP and why should I use one?

Managing data and IT solutions in-house can be both challenging and expensive – which is why you should consider seeking outside professional help.

Digitalisation has forced businesses to look at the way they conduct their operations and make IT a huge part of their day-to-day affairs, but some are still unable to cope with the change effectively, so they hire a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to do the work for them.

How does an MSP work?

Put simply, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a third-party company you collaborate with to help manage parts of your business, including your IT or Cloud needs. It provides your business with the technology and expertise which will allow you to boost your company’s scalability.

Working with Managed Service Provider (MSP) can have tremendous benefits, allowing you to access a profound understanding of cutting-edge technology which can help you improve:

– Performance
– Operations
– Security

These are attractive benefits that can all be achieved with the added incentive of reducing overheads. In addition, your MSP is able to offer creative solutions to help you navigate the evolving landscape of the big data world.

A perfect fit

These are all excellent reasons to add an MSP to your team, but another major advantage of bringing in this third-party assistance is the ability of your MSP to deliver tailor-made solutions to fit your company perfectly.

This level of expertise allows your MSP to analyse your business thoroughly and render services according to your strengths and weaknesses. The support also extends to considering the regulatory environment and compliance to safeguard against any legal issues that may occur.

Another great thing about MSPs is the support offered outside of business hours – because IT problems can happen at any time, day or night. Your MSP can provide support measures and staff to maintain and protect your company 24/7.

Your MSP can even tap into your system to resolve issues and deploy updates without having to go into your office, by using remote technology. Just think about the level of protection that provides and the reassurance to you of knowing that your systems and data are in the best possible hands at all times.

Making the right choice

Overall, MSPs can help take your company to the next level, but you need to choose the right one to suit your business needs – which is where PC Net comes in! We have many years of experience working with businesses on providing the services and solutions to keep systems and data safe and working at optimum efficiency

Our reputation as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is one we are justifiably proud of and one that has become further enhanced following our partnership with EPX Technical Services. It means our clients have access to a range of services helping them to meet their business needs. Our services include:

– VOIP and telephones
– Business continuity planning
– IOT consultancy
– Technology adoption help
– Internet and data
– Cabling and wiring
– Business process improvement
– Hosting and domain management
– Access control
– Procurement
– Secure disposal and recycling

To find out more about how we can help you, call us on 01743 290588.