What is a patch and why do I need it?

of how secure we like to think our computer system is, there is always the
threat of weaknesses that can lead to problems which could, in turn, seriously
affect your business.

The world of
IT is a potential minefield and keeping up-to-date with problems and remedies
can be a continual headache. PC Net Solutions Ltd are
here to help – and whether your company is large or small we can advise on
the best way to keep your systems safe.

This month’s
blog looks at the importance of patch management and how you can stay abreast
of the latest in basic technical cyber protection.

It is
important for software on computers and other devices to be kept up-to-date by
including the very latest in security patches, otherwise known as software
updates. This action is necessary because any system can have flaws – technical
vulnerabilities. These
weaknesses are being discovered in popular software on a daily basis and can be
exploited by those who are looking for a way into your system.

Any software
you run, and that can be linked to the internet, needs to be licensed and
receive the right support in making security patches for known flaws available
to you. Providers
will try to provide corrections for flaws that have been identified in the form
of patches but these patches need to be managed and updated effectively. If you are
using software that is no longer supported it should be removed from any device
that can connect to the internet. Updates to software and any security patches
for use on devices that can receive an internet connection need to be carried
out fairly quickly and within a clearly defined timeframe.

The Cyber
Essentials scheme covers all this and more.This programme will help to protect you
against the most common threats and offers a very good, basic level of
protection. For more information on the scheme visit the Government website at www.gov.uk

If you are a PC Net Solutions client we
can guide you through the process so please feel free to give us a call at
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