What is a firewall?

Protecting your computer and network systems was never more important as cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated, and there are a number of ways that this can be achieved.

One crucial tool in this ongoing fight to keep your data and other critical information safe and secure is the installation of a firewall – but what exactly is it?

Tried and tested

A firewall is a security hardware device or software which forms a secure barrier and has proved an effective first line of defence on computer systems for more than a quarter of a century.

Your firewall inspects data traffic so that it can block threats that could be harmful to your network. It is designed to authorise low-risk traffic while detecting anything harmful, either from a virus or a hacker trying to gain entry to your system – blocking it immediately.

It could be viewed as providing the same service as a guard protecting your business premises – a sentinel watching over your systems and keeping them safe from intruders. A firewall will monitor what comes in and goes out, relying on commands which can be pre-set to filter out suspicious and unsecured sources.

Why is it so important?

It is vital to maintain a stable and reliable firewall in your company’s network. Ensuring security will prevent an attack which could prove extremely costly to your business.

Prevent hacking – Because more businesses rely on access to websites and constant use of emails, hacking activities continue to rise significantly. A firewall defends your network and therefore your data from unauthorised connections and potential hacking. Firewalls have become an essential part of any company that wants to protect its data and is a marvellous deterrent to hacking your network.

Monitor network traffic – A firewall will monitor traffic at all times to safeguard your network. This continuous monitoring can be used to create advanced security layers.

Promote privacy – Since firewalls proactively keep your network safe, they automatically promote your brand reputation. Clients will know they can trust your company with their data since all systems are secure and inaccessible to hackers.

Aid remote working security – More people are working remotely today, a trend which has become the new normal for many and something that is only likely to increase in the future. Having robust firewalls in place at your business will ensure all these links can be kept safe and secure.

Protecting your business

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