What do I do if my computer has been blocked?

Computer_HackingThe first thing to do in this instance is
contact a professional – not because your computer has been blocked – but because
it is a scam.

This scam encourages you to contact a
telephone number to get your computer unblocked by Microsoft. DO NOT call the number – it
will not take you through to

This scam is designed to scare you into
thinking something is wrong with your computer. If you use your computer for
work, the scam plays on your need to sort things out quickly.

There are self-help methods to get rid of
this alert, but they are long winded and complicated. You may end up losing
more time than you can afford.

Scams like these are on the increase –
Computer Software Service Fraud is a common problem and is frequently done by
telephone. Fraudsters use the names of well-known companies to commit their
crime, as it makes their communication with you seem legitimate.

How does it work? Victims are contacted by
telephone and told that there is a problem with their computer and that this
can be fixed for a fee.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau
(NFIB) which assesses Action Fraud reports that in just six months in 2014
there were over 12,000 reports that were categorised as a Computer Software
Service Fraud. They also said there
was a total reported loss of £691,446 with some victims losing up to £6,000.

So think twice before giving out any
personal information.

If you are in any doubt as to whether
your system is secure, please call
me, Katy Jones, on 01743 290588.