What can our IT company do for you?

As an IT provider our day to day activities are not usually a hot topic of conversation in the pub on a Friday night – even a conversation with other business owners can get a bit technical. But it is important to know what an IT company does for its clients. We can help to protect your business, help grow your business and provide peace of mind to you  – the business owner.

Computers are usually what comes to mind when thinking about IT – and you’re not wrong. We can set up your computer system and provide continued maintenance for it and will be delighted to do so. But it’s our continued support that’s vital. Why?

One reason is that we provide disaster recovery planning. We help protect against potentially catastrophic losses by offering a range of back-up services that ensure your data is backed up and regularly checked – and that your network activity is secure.

70% of businesses which suffer catastrophic data loss are closed within 18 months of the event. (UK DTI). Having the support of an IT company can mean the difference between your business surviving and growing, or closing its doors.

Why have a maintenance contract?

Good question. Surely, you can just call us if you have a problem and we will come and fix it? And, yes we do.

However, having to project ahead and budget for repairs can be difficult. IT problems are often complicated and expensive to solve. A Maintenance Contract takes away the worry associated with computers and servers. We look to prevent problems arising, then solve them before they begin to cost you a lot of money.

Remote Monitoring Gives Peace of Mind

Obviously, we cannot be with you every minute of the day; remote monitoring solves that. We actively monitor and track all your business critical equipment such as servers, individual PCs, email traffic, anti-virus software, internet access,network connectivity – and much more.

As a business owner you can be confident we are always checking the things that need to be checked. If something happens we will spot it and act on it fast!

Follow our next Blog to learn more about our remote monitoring service.

In the meantime, if you want to protect your business get in touch on 01743 290588 or email katy@pcnetsolutions.co.uk to discuss your needs in more detail.