User access and staying secure

User access
to IT systems is obviously vital for those staff needing to use it, but even
more vital is preventing access to unauthorised people and keeping your and
your clients ‘secured’ information safe and stopping it getting into the wrong
hands. In short,
the fewer people that have access the better and only those who are absolutely
necessary should be added to that very privileged list.

security is constantly under attack and the industry is permanently waging war on those who would undermine the
security of individuals, businesses and other organisations right including
international governments, institutions and the military.

Here at PC
Net Solutions Ltd we take these threats extremely seriously. It is why we
complement our extensive safety precautions for our clients, by supporting the
Cyber Essentials scheme; a Government-sponsored programme aimed at protecting
firms from attacks.

Why limit user access ?

  • User
    accounts need to be managed efficiently and special access privileges be
    granted to authorised and essential staff only.
  • Staff should have the minimum level of
    access needed for their job.
  • Special
    access privileges, open up your system to the
    greatest level of access. Computers, information and applications are readily
    available to anyone with this level of clearance. It is
    important to restrict this access and limit authorisation to a bare minimum
    number of people.
  • Any user accounts must be subject to a tight
    approval process.
  • Special
    access privilege details need to be recorded stored safely and
    reviewed regularly.
  • Special access privileges need to be deleted when an individual’s
    job changes, they leave the company, or after a spell of inactivity.
  • Each user should have a strong password and unique username.
  • When dealing with sensitive data such as accounts software make sure the users have a strong password which is changed at regular intervals.

In an age
where attacks, attempted disruption, fraud, terror and ransom demands are
becoming more and more commonplace, it is vital to take appropriate steps to
protect yourself. Cyber Essentials will give you basic protection, and is a good place to start.

For more about
Cyber Essentials, visit the website www.gov.uk