The importance of support when it comes to your IT systems

We are always going to tell you that an external IT company should be part of your business planning – because we support clients every day and see the impact it makes. So we would like to share the experience of one client – and let them tell you why our support is important to them.

Shropshire-based Rosie Consulting is a long-term client and part of our service has been keeping the firm’s business IT systems safe – something which was put to the test recently during a global hacking threat. Rosie Beswick, Managing Consultant at Rosie Consulting, takes up the story:

Saved from the jaws of the lion

“To suddenly discover on world news that the business-critical network storage device our company relies on was being globally hacked, was terrifying.

“The news had broken overnight in the USA but before we could even react we received a call from PC Net to inform us and to arrange immediate installation of a patch to combat the problem.

“I have used PC Net for systems, equipment and cabling for many years and to receive that level of service is simply outstanding. It is how customer service should be, proactive as well as reactive – and I can highly recommend PC Net.

Why external IT support is so vital

“Peace of mind is the greatest plus in employing the services of an external company – having someone to look after all your company’s IT needs at all times. It means we know that if something is wrong, such as an urgent software/firmware fix, PC Net will not only let us know immediately but also arrange the fix.

“Hacks are common so attention to detail and speed of reaction is of the utmost importance and vital where our systems are concerned.

“From selecting new PC’s to organising extensions to our systems into other buildings, we know we can ask our provider for ideas, costs and options which helps us plan how we expand or update the systems we use.

“IT is complicated and covers a vast array of areas, so to have one company who can support us right across the board directly or by using one of their trusted partners is key. We are good at marketing and market research, that is what we do, but we know we are not trained IT people and feel that it makes total sense to use the experts.

“Staying with this one IT provider also means we can build up a successful relationship with them and the PC Net team understand our systems inside out – knowledge which removes unnecessary hassle for us in getting things done, saving both time and money.

“The support of a professional external IT company like PC Net has proved invaluable, as the hacking scare highlights, and I would urge other businesses to consider adopting a similar policy.”