The Dark Web Revealed

tn_The_Dark_WebWhat is the Dark Web
(also known as the Dark Internet)?

You may have heard of the term ‘the Dark Web’.
It has been used in the plots of crime novels and films but most people will
never experience this part of the Internet, or might not even know it exists.

Certainly most of us do not understand what the term means.

The Dark Web is often thought of as the Internet’s underworld: it is a term
that refers specifically to a collection of websites that are publicly visible,
but hide the IP addresses of the servers that run them.

So in theory, the criminals selling illegal goods and services cannot be

They can be used for sale of illegal drugs, weapons and other goods. Many hackers also
sell their services there independently, or as a part of groups.  The dark
web is also used to sell illegal pornography and there are some real and
fraudulent websites claiming to be used by terrorist organizations such as ISIL.

But the anonymity and the challenge of accessing the Dark Web makes it a
place which can be adapted to the extremely security conscious or those
looking for freedom in highly restrictive countries.

A notorious online black market place known as Silk Road begun in February 2011
was shut down and arrests made. An attempt was made to launch Silk Road 2.0 but
this too was shut down by the FBI and the owner was arrested and sentenced to
life in prison. Further charges alleging murder-for-hire remain pending.

Policing the internet is difficult, but policing the Dark Internet is vastly
more so. The UK’s signals intelligence agency, Government Communications
Headquarters (GCHQ), and its top law enforcement body, the National Crime
Agency (NCA), have formed a new unit compromising of officers from both
agencies to tackle online crime.

It is a scary and extremely fascinating idea that sales of illegal goods can be
made online without the identity of the seller being exposed, and another
example of how something which is such a good idea, such as the internet which
is used to further civilization, can also be exploited.

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