Technology at home…how is your office?

In the days of social isolation, technology at home has become extremely important – especially for the employees who are now working from their spare rooms or their dining table, something that many of them will have never done before.

The team here at PC Net has been working with companies of all sizes, from one-man bands to large corporations, to ensure that business can continue – as much as possible – in the usual way.

And for employers, and employees, now working from home there are systems available that can make things easier in the long-term.


A move to home working has led to changes in email – emails can be diverted from an office system to home email addresses and can also be created to be ‘sent on behalf’ of someone else.

This is always a good idea in a situation where an employee is working from home so that they do not need to share their personal details.

It is also important to ensure that people emailing those addresses are either forwarded on or receive an appropriate out of office message at this time.


We have done a lot of work on Virtual Private Network connections to create a secure connection between employee devices and their business server.

This connection protects business data in a hack situation and can be vital for those businesses handling sensitive information.

New setups

For those businesses supplying new laptops, ipads or Surface Pros for their teams it is important to ensure they are set up to enable home working, as well as setting up work emails on new mobile phones – or existing employee handsets.

Unless employees are in the IT industry setting up new equipment can be more difficult than it seems, especially when you cannot leave the house! An IT professional can access computers remotely to assist and also set up new equipment in the correct way before it reaches the employee.


And of course, many of our calls have been about internet speed, home printer set-ups and connections and any VPNs not working as they should.

It is understandable that the internet may show signs of strain at the moment – with it being one of the only links to the outside world and now being used as the connection between family, schoolfriends, colleagues and customers.

But the internet is strong so if you are having problems it is highly likely that something can be done about it – do not suffer in silence.

IT and technology has always been a great friend here at PC Net – as long as everything is in place it will definitely be a great friend to you, and your business, during lockdown.