Taking a shortcut to a whole new experience

We all like shortcuts – labour-saving devices which can save us valuable time and, in some cases, money. They are particularly useful when navigating your computer or laptop or editing text, something we are all doing more and more of these days.

Microsoft Windows 11 is the latest version in a series dating back to the launch of Microsoft 1 in November 1983 and is used by an increasing number of people as a way of running software, connecting to the internet, storing files, watching videos and playing games.

As with most things tech there are a number of shortcuts when using Microsoft Windows and here are some that generally work anytime you are typing text in MS Windows, word, web browsers etc:

Shortcut and Function

  • Ctrl + A. Highlighting all text or other items in the window or on a document.
  • Ctrl + Shift with arrow key. Selecting a section of text.     
  • Ctrl + up arrow. Taking the cursor to the start of the previous paragraph.    
  • Ctrl + right arrow. Taking the cursor to the start of the following word.  
  • Ctrl + left arrow. Taking the cursor to the start of the previous word.
  • Ctrl + down arrow. Taking the cursor to the start of the next paragraph.
  • Ctrl + Z, Y. Undoing/redoing an action.    

Generic Shortcuts

There are also some generic shortcuts you may find useful:

  • Shift + F10. Bringing up the shortcut menu for a selected item.    
  • Alt + Tab. Switching between open apps.     
  • Ctrl + Esc. Open start.
  • Windows logo key + L. Lock your computer.
  • Windows logo + D Display desktop.   
  • Windows logo + l Open Microsoft Windows 11 settings. 
  • Windows logo + shift + S. Take a screenshot with Snip and Sketch.  

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