Take the next step in your security…

As communication networks continue to improve and grow and companies conduct their business almost entirely through social media platforms, the dangers of losing data or becoming the victim of sophisticated fraud increases.

The world is seeing data breaches on a massive scale, hitting some of the biggest companies, with hackers able to access accounts, resulting in theft on an unbelievable level.

Username/password combinations

Simple username/password combinations are too easy to hack meaning accounts can be emptied, new ones set up in customer names and personal data breached.

There are billions of breached log-ins every year with, for example, a database of 1.4 billion stolen usernames and passwords found on a hidden site for hackers to use a little under two years ago – the biggest find of its kind at that time.


But there are many steps businesses – both large and small – can take to keep themselves and their data secure, all of which we have given advice on in previous blogs, but today we would like you to think about adding an extra layer of security called 2FA.

2FA, or Two-Factor Authentication, gives that extra reassurance, additional security for your account, making it just that bit harder to obtain unauthorised access to your life and business.

Unlock another door

Knowing a username and password is in many cases enough to gain access but with 2FA that extra layer of security comes into play in the form of having to unlock another door – something like having to enter a code or second password.

Here at PC Net we are particularly keen on the code because it’s something which can constantly be changed and sent to you via a message to your secure phone, computer or other device. This makes it almost impossible to be hacked.

So, what do you do?

Good password security is still relevant and should be practised, but the growing issue of breaches is putting your log-ins at risk which is where 2FA can help. There are possible drawbacks but the end result should put you in a better position that you are probably in now.

People tend to lose mobile phones, laptops and other devices. Our team at PC Net can re-setup 2FA to go to an alternate device in the event of another one getting lost or stolen.

Educate staff

End users will also need to install a free app on their smartphone to get the 2FA responses.

It is also important to educate staff, in the case of companies, or yourself if you are concerned about your own personal data security, through additional training which will help non-technical end users.

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