Staying safe online

Staying safe online concerns us all, with the risks brought home on an almost daily basis with reports of hacking,
fraud and other security breaches.

There are
many safeguards that can be used to remain as secure as possible and here at PC
Net Solutions we advise everyone to take whatever steps they can to stay safe. Whether you
operate a business or are acting as an agent for a charity or other
organisation, or if you are going online with your own personal computer,
laptop, smartphone or tablet, security should be your top priority.

We advise clients across the business community on the systems they use and
how they can stay safe, but we would also like to bring to your attention a
website which offers excellent easy to understand tips for both personal
computer use and in the world of business.

We believe
people will find this useful and for those who have young children or perhaps
aging parents this website https://www.getsafeonline.org will be really helpful if they are
unsure about anything they come across online.  The site is
designed to give free and expert advice across a range of areas to allow you to
stay safe on a day-to-day basis.

It offers
advice on protecting companies, protecting yourself, what to do about staying
safe with your Smartphone and tablet, shopping, banking and making payments and
safeguarding children.

More of us
are going online to do our shopping and to conduct our banking business, pay
our credit card bills and pretty much anything else you can think of. Identity
fraud is a major problem in the world today and it is so easy for the cyber
criminal to home in on the slightest weakness.

That is why
it is so important to make it as difficult as possible for these people to
access our systems, personal or commercial, and to stay safe when we are
operating online.