We can spot a problem before you even know it’s there

Before anything goes wrong with our clients’ IT systems,
before they experience downtime, before an employee reports that something
isn’t working on their computer – we generally know.

How do we know?

Remote monitoring allows us to actively monitor and track a
client’s business critical IT equipment. We know what to look for and are always checking the things
that need to be checked regularly. If something is out of the
ordinary we will spot it.

With our remote monitoring systems we can monitor and track:

  • servers
  • individual PCs
  • network performance
  • email traffic
  • scheduled back-ups
  • individual components
  • internet
    access and connectivity
  • the client’s website status.
  • firewalls
  • anti-virus software updates
  • critical Microsoft operation system and security updates
  • hard disk activity
  • storage space
  • memory usage

Peace of mind

With all IT systems problems will inevitably arise. And, with the majority of businesses dealing with IT headaches at some point, including
hacking and viruses, it’s not the technical glitch that’s the big challenge – but the downtime
that comes as a result.  If your employees cannot do their jobs without their IT
equipment then every minute the system is down is another minute of work lost. Remote monitoring means we can spot potential failures
and performance issues, accurately identify the source of problems, send you
immediate and automatic alerts of issues and failures as soon as they happen
AND save you money by reducing the frequency and duration of downtime.

Our remote monitoring and technical support service gives you peace of mind and saves you valuable
time when the worst happens.

Call Katy on 01743 290588 or email katy@pcnetsolutions.co.uk to discuss the remote
monitoring options available and identify your needs in more detail. We can then suggest the best solution for you.