Remote working – has your business nailed it?

Remote working has become the new normal in a very different world over the past 14 months with businesses and employees adapting remarkably well – but it has brought new challenges and added fears about IT systems integrity.

Businesses have needed to change to meet new and unprecedented demands and a major factor has been staff working remotely. It has meant the implementation of new policies and safeguards to ensure employees have the tools they need to work productively while maintaining a watchful eye on health and wellbeing.

A new way of thinking

It has also called for a toughening of security protocols to see that all this can be achieved without increasing the risks of a company IT security breach and the loss of sensitive data.

Most firms will have already addressed the dangers, sought the right advice from IT professionals and put appropriate safeguards in place, but if you haven’t done so and are continuing with a remote working policy for staff, now would be an excellent time to give it consideration.

It’s not too late

Not doing anything really isn’t an option and your business is at increased risk. Our team is ready to help you put the correct solutions in place – it’s a simple course of action which could prevent major disruption further down the road.

This includes ensuring the PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones your employees may be using to work remotely are secure and cannot be hacked. We will also see to it that all relevant security updates are installed on our business systems to prevent a costly breach.

Education is also key and it’s important that employees understand their responsibilities and the importance of being continually on guard to any lapse on their part which may put the business in jeopardy.

Cyber Essentials

Cybersecurity must be a top priority for all firms and their staff and we can help your business become Cyber Essentials certified – this will help you install firewall security, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management.

Our team will also assist you in putting a company strategy in place which will help deal with any problems which may arise – a strategy that needs to be fully understood by staff and managers.

There are many ways in which we can help your business stay safe. For more information, call us on 01743 290588 or email katy@pcnetsolutions.co.uk