Protect your Business Against Cybercrime this Christmas

66567415_sIt’s nearly time for the Christmas
holidays. That means that lots of staff will be shutting down their computers
for a well-earned rest. And with people’s minds on
the office party, it’s easy to forget about IT safety. But cybercrime is still a major issue, even during the
festive season.

At Network Support Solutions, we highly
recommend making sure your systems are protected from hacking, viruses and
cybercrime. If your office is closing on December 24 and not reopening until the New Year,
that’s a long period for cybercrime to go unnoticed.

Before the Christmas shut-down, why not
make sure all your IT systems are safe and secure? Take the opportunity to give
your company systems a thorough check and make them as secure as possible for 2017. Make sure that:

· your antivirus software is
up to date

· passwords are changed
and that staff use a different one for every online account.

· staff are aware of the
dangers of clicking links or opening attachments in emails, posts, tweets or
texts if the source is unknown.

addition, offices closed over the long festive period can be more vulnerable to
break ins, theft of computers or damage to IT equipment from accidents such as
burst pipes. It is therefore essential that a backup is made of the data the
company holds and that the backup is taken off-site. That way, if the worst
does happen, the data can be restored onto new machines and the business can be
up and running again.

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