Our Technical Director rides a unicycle

There are
plenty of cultural stereotypes about IT workers – a popular one being that if
you’re in IT, you must be a nerd with poor social skills. Here at PC Net we know those stereotypes are unfounded, and in fact our team blow them entirely out of the water.

Meet our team

So who are the employees that install new computers, keep the networks running,
protect our businesses from cybercrime and manage the all important data that
make up companies across the globe?

Well, we have decided to show you…with a series of staff profile blogs that
introduce you to our team and give you an insight into the world of the IT guy
(or girl – another stereotype that doesn’t show true in our workplace!).

paul_coulthard_jonesAnd we have to start with Technical Director Paul Coulthard-Jones, mainly because he rides a unicycle. The tallest person at Glastonbury circa 1985 he also has a great interest in
stilt-walking, juggling and fire-eating – just the sort of activities your
traditional IT nerd with poor social skills spends his spare time working on!

“In my younger days I was into circus tricks,” says Paul. “The unicycle was among my tricks but I have
since lost the knack so I decided it was about time it came back out again! At the moment I am just riding it for fun and because I think it is mentally
stimulating for an old dog to learn new tricks, but as I regain the skill I
will ride it more.”

So what does Paul do ?

  • Paul is the technical Director at PC Net Solutions Ltd – he is our “go to”
  • We know that
    when everyone else has tried to fix a problem, Paul will find a fix.
  • Because of
    his background as an electrical apprentice, his knowledge covers the physical
    aspects of IT networks as well as the virtual factors.
  • He has a
    photographic memory and can strip machines down to the tiniest components and
    rebuild them without any reference to notes or diagrams.
  • He likes a
    challenge, and looking at new problems, and has a head full of “useful” facts
    such as IP addresses and passwords.
  • And of
    course he rides a unicycle…..what more could we ask for?