Our IT apprentice technician goes under the bonnet

Meet another of the cogs in our well oiled IT support machine!

Meet Matthew Forster

Matthew fits the profile of the traditional IT techie more closely than either of the team members we’ve introduced previously. But he still bucks the stereotype – and is as likely to be found under the bonnet of a car as repairing a computer or operating a gaming joystick.

A keen player of PC games, he has
always been fascinated with IT and has enjoyed using and working with computers
ever since he got his first machine!

Matthew joined the business as an Apprentice IT Technician
and has been learning about the world of business IT from his highly qualified

“As someone who plays a lot of PC games, I find the leaps
in computer hardware have done amazing things for enthusiasts,
” says Matthew. “The
ability to stream almost everything now makes the internet accessible for
everyone and the computers of the 90s look like dinosaurs in comparison.”

“I believe the future of IT for business is that everything will become cloud based and eventually nobody will host their own
servers. For technicians like me that means things will only get easier, as there
will be less need for us to visit client sites to deal with server faults.”

 So what does Matthew

● Matthew
is the Office Apprentice and an IT technician in training helping with all aspects of the IT technician role.

● He provides first line telephone technical and remote support.

● He
is involved in equipment maintenance and replacement – from quotation to installation.

● As
well as PC Games, Matthew also likes to work on cars and has even re-built a
classic Volkswagen Golf.

● And,
as his skills in the world of computers grow, he is fast becoming an integral
member of the team.