New Strategy Making Britain the Best Place to Start a Digital Business

UK Digital Strategy 2017The new
digital strategy launched by the Government aimed at making Britain the best
place in the world to start and grow a digital business has tremendous

Here at
Network Support Solutions we appreciate how important it is for businesses,
both big and small, to get off on the right foot when setting up and then being
able to maintain that high standard required as they progress.

It is
expected that four million free digital skills training opportunities will be
made available under the scheme, with a host of groups and organisations
uniting to ensure people are equipped with the right skills and aware of
training opportunities.

This can
only be good for our industry and help to ensure the highest level of expertise
is available moving forward. We believe the strategy will help our country
build on its strengths and ensure a future as a competitive nation on the world

have been heavily involved in developing the strategy which promises Britain as
the best place to start and grow a digital business and we are best placed to
understand what that means.

businesses and other organisations is what NSS does and what we are committed to. By
working closely with the client we are able to steer them along the best path
to ensure their success.

completely agree with the strategy’s aims of making sure the benefits and
opportunities are spread across the country so no one is left behind. It is
vitally important that every individual and business should have the skills and
confidence to make the most of digital technology.

should also have easy access to high quality internet wherever they live, work,
travel or learn.

At the heart
of this innovative new strategy is the will to ensure that everyone who wants
to learn can obtain the skills they need to succeed in a digital world which is
growing and developing at an amazing rate all the time.

The Government
has taken the lead and has committed to help adults who lack core skills to
access training free of charge, similar to the approach taken for literacy and
numeracy. The strategy builds on this by establishing a Digital Skills

We believe
this strategy to be a major step forward in ensuring this country remains at
the forefront of the digital world and will be the catalyst for new businesses
to set-up with more confidence, backed by a higher level of support. Read more about the Government’s UK Digital Strategy here