Manufacturers alerted to cyber crime threat

The manufacturing industry is undergoing something of a digital revolution as more and more companies realise the benefits of embracing technology to help them remain competitive and develop a thriving business – but it also raises questions about security!

Security of systems and data is of paramount importance and we understand the reluctance of some manufacturers to race headlong into major digital changes which could see undoubted major advantages to a business offset by costly breaches or loss of vital information.

A sign of the times

The bottom line is that digital technology is with us and the pace of implementation has certainly been quickened by a greater reliance on remote working through the pandemic – a policy which is being continued in many instances but something which, again, can lead to headaches when it comes to cyber security.

For those manufacturers who are still apprehensive about embracing digital technology, we can offer reassurance and tell you that it can be implemented safely and securely and our team at PC Net is here to help you do just that.

Some facts and figures

Make UK, which represents 20,000 manufacturers across the country, compiled a report after asking its members to take part in a cyber security survey. It found that one in eight manufacturers said the fear of cyber attacks was preventing them from adopting digital technologies. Other interesting statistics thrown up by the survey include:

  • 47% of manufacturers reported being the victim of cybercrime over the previous 12-month period.
  • Of those companies, 22% said it had cost them between £5,000 and £25,000, while 63% said it had cost their business up to £5,000.
  • 61% of companies now appoint a director responsible for cyber security.
  • 50% report cyber security has become a higher priority since the start of the pandemic.
  • EVERYONE questioned said they believed cyber security measures were essential to the smooth running of the business.
  • 52% have taken out insurance against cyber attacks.
  • 44% DON’T offer cyber security training to their staff.

Many companies highlight the cost of cyber security products as the main reason why they don’t do more to make their systems more robust, but can they really take that chance? And isn’t it more cost-effective in the long-run to have security as tough as you can make it rather than have a continual risk of attack?

Staff training is also of paramount importance – creating an environment of awareness and consequences of not adhering to policies you have in place as a company to prevent a breach. They also need to understand what action to take if they recognise something is wrong.

Put PC Net on your team

Cyber attacks will evolve, become increasingly sophisticated and more difficult to spot or prevent, particularly as more devices and systems become interconnected. There are steps you can take to reduce the risks and one of the very best is to ask us to help.

Put your cyber security in our hands and we can provide effective 24/7 cover for your business, advise on staff training, make your systems as secure as possible and help you put an action plan in place to cover every eventuality.

It is usually the best policy to call on an expert to carry out a job properly. Making PC Net an extension of your business will provide the reassurance and expertise that only a specialist IT provider can guarantee. Give us a call today to find out more – it might just be the best and ultimately cheapest call you’ll make!