Make your business faster with a wireless network

With the internet playing such an important role in all our lives, offices often need a fast wireless network to be able to function at their most efficient.

It’s amazing how many offices we visit that don’t have a wireless network installed and rely solely on a wired network.

One of our services at PC Net is installing wireless networks and it is so rewarding to see people’s faces when they realise just what a difference it makes…and wonder how on earth they managed without one before.

We work with businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large international corporations and a wireless network has fast become an essential for everyone.

It can be difficult to get a wireless network up and running but our engineers are experienced at set up and can provide continued maintenance down the line.

The advantages of a wireless network for business include:

1. Boosting productivity and encouraging information sharing.

2. Employees can take their devices home with them and work when it is convenient in their own time.

3. Employees have constant access to the tools they need to do their jobs.

4. Employees can move about the office without losing connection – everyone in a team meeting can have access to up-to-date information, for example.

5. Working together more effectively.

6. Provides better customer service.

7. Connecting harder to reach areas – a wireless network can bring access to areas difficult to connect to a wired network.

8. New employees can be quickly added to the network without the cost of having to run new cables and wires.

9. You can provide secure network access to visiting colleagues. It allows them to access the information they need too. It provides internet access to visiting customers too.

10. Using wireless technology rather than a hard wired network can often be more cost-effective. Maintenance costs are lower too.

11. You also avoid the messy look of trailing cables and the potential risk of people tripping over.

Once you decide a wireless network is for you, we will survey your building to assess the construction and layout, and where wifi is required.

This tells us what type of and how many access points are needed and whether we need to bring in a local cabling firm to install any required points.

When the hardware is installed we can then configure and test it to ensure it meets your requirements.

We can even use ‘bridges’ to connect two buildings together which is really useful for expanding businesses.

To talk to us about converting your business to a wireless network, give us a call on 01743 290588 or 01952 684030.