Keeping your IT Systems secure

Data protection, GDPR and cyber security are extremely important in the digital age we live in and not something we at PC Net take lightly.

Legally compliant

Our goal is always to ensure our clients are aware of the steps they need to take in becoming legally compliant and that their data and security is assured at all times.

To help us achieve this we often work in partnership with other industry professionals, guaranteeing the best, most up to date, advice is always available for the benefit of the businesses we support.


We recently enlisted the help of Martin Ruston of AVERSUS Ltd, a consultancy specialising in these areas.

We had a chat to him about his role and the help he can provide:

Data is vital to all businesses yet it’s amazing how many fail to implement even the most basic security controls or understand the full implications of GDPR. Protecting your data has to be a top priority with security breaches threatening serious consequences for any business

GDPR changes introduced a year ago toughened up the rules on how data is used and increased protection for those that data belongs to. There is no doubt it has proved to be a major challenge for many and businesses need help in understanding the difficulties.

My relationship with PC Net is aimed at helping them expand support they can offer their clients in respect of consultancy around best practise, data protection, cyber security & GDPR compliance. AVERSUS can also provide businesses with the means to test if their staff would fall prey to phishing emails – an increasing threat to all businesses.

Health check and review

We have put together a package which PC Net will be offering clients, which provides a health check and technical review against GDPR requirements and cyber security controls. An easy to understand report will help businesses know exactly where they need to be and what they should be doing.

It is an excellent support offer and will give opportunity for businesses to undertake a low cost appraisal of their current performance.

Too little too late

Many people don’t think about problems that may occur until it’s too late but taking necessary steps to safeguard yourself and your company will give the reassurance of knowing you are as protected as far as is possible and allow you to get on with what matters most – running a successful business!

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