Keeping IT safe and secure for homeworking employees

IT security remains a top priority for businesses as more and more organisations are seeing their computers, networks, and data targeted in attempted breaches.

Collaboration tools in work-from-home environments

Research shows the number of global cyberattacks rose by 38% in 2022, compared to 2021 and that the numbers were driven by hackers who focused on exploiting collaboration tools used in work-from-home environments as well as targeting educational institutions that shifted to e-learning following the lockdowns amid the COVID-19 outbreaks.

Flexible, hybrid, and homeworking  

Over the past couple of years, since the pandemic, many businesses have adapted how they work and employees are now working from home or combining home and office working with a flexible approach.

But it is integral to the safety and protection of a business that if this is the approach they are now taking, they do a full security audit and ensure that their files and data continue to be secure.

New business policies

Employers may need to create new policies that guide employees on how to use their equipment, and what to be aware of when working from home or out of the office.

When working on cloud-based platforms extra policies can cover how to keep files secure – such as only using password-protected wifi in coffee shops or shared working spaces.

Steps to take

Password protection and two-factor authentication should be standard in the business world but are especially important for businesses with a hybrid or flexible policy.

Products are also available to enhance security by making sure IT systems have built-in security steps such as an automatic lock on computer screens or encryption.

Cloud-based platforms are not an automatic tie-in with backup. It is still important to ensure you explore options and make sure you have the correct backup in place for your data.

Here to help

We work with a number of clients who are now hybrid working – and some who no longer have an office base at all – and we are happy to help implement new business plans and policies.

You can find out more about IT and hybrid and homeworking here.