Keep the Pressure on for High Speed Broadband

technology advancing at such a superfast rate – I mean we are just a couple of
years away from driverless cars hitting UK roads – it’s hard to believe that
some areas of Shropshire are still without a decent broadband connection.

vigorous campaigning by residents, businesses and politicians alike some rural
areas still seem light years away from securing a reasonable connection, let
alone one which is ‘superfast’.

It’s a
frustrating situation for those that have and, still are, patiently waiting for
faster internet speeds in their area. It’s an annoyance and a hindrance to

In fact,
just this week, new research suggests that those tolerating slow broadband
speeds are actually being left behind on modern online services.

at King’s College London are concerned that the gap will widen as more and more
services move online.

In its
article ‘Major
study links low internet usage to slow broadband’ the BBC quoted Dr
Nishanth Sastry, a senior lecturer at King’s College London and lead
researcher, as saying: “With technological advancements it is likely that more
services important to daily life will move online, yet there is a significant
proportion with inadequate broadband connections who won’t be able to access such

At Network
Support Solutions we think Dr Sastry has hit the nail on the head.

Parts of
Shropshire are already way behind the rest of the country and if we don’t catch
up soon the gap may be too large to recover from.

So, whilst
the Government has promised to legislate on the digital economy ensuring access
to faster broadband for everyone, it’s important that here in Shropshire we
keep the pressure on!

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