Internet services may be slower at peak times during the Olympic Games

Businesses could struggle with bandwidth if they allow employees to
watch the games at work*.  It has led the Internet Service Providers’
Association to warn of a “massive hit on the infrastructure”. ISPA
member James Blessing said that businesses allowing employees to watch
streamed content could encounter problems. Companies are being
encouraged to arrange for staff to work more flexibly during Games time
and this may require them to work from different locations, such as from
other offices or home, or at different times than usual.

*Source: London 2012 Games – Planning Information for Businesses.

In developing your business continuity plan for the Games you will
need to ensure that any increase in homeworking is supported by
appropriate IT, and that internal systems and Internet Service Providers
(ISPs) have been engaged in the planning process so that the demands on
the system can be understood and managed. It is possible that internet
services may be slower during the Games or in very severe cases there
may be drop outs due to an increased number of people accessing the

In addition, ISPs may introduce data caps during peak times to try
and spread the loading and give a more equal service to their entire
customer base. However, this has not yet been confirmed by these ISPs
and we hope to have more information nearer to Games time.

Telecoms: mobile networks may be affected

Additional capacity and coverage for mobile phone networks is being
put in around Games venues. This will overlay the existing coverage
provision and existing customers can expect a ‘normal’ service during

However, at times of peak demand it is unavoidable that mobile
networksmay be slowed down by higher volumes of traffic. Voice, email
and low-data traffic are unlikely to be affected, but it may be
difficult to download larger content such as files or images.

Read more on the BBC Technology website

Draw up a clear company policy

Gauging the interest in the TV coverage of the Olympics and having a
clear company policy are going to be key. If as a business owner you are
prepared to “allow” viewing of coverage during business hours, then
provision of a TV in a designated location will reduce the load on the
company broadband / network.

You will need to check if you need a television licence. Also might
be worth checking what your Terms and Conditions of Employment state
about use of the internet.

Configure your Firewall to ‘block’ certain sites

If there is a ban in place, PCNET Solutions can block certain sites
at the firewall if need be. We would quote for the work required as each
business if different.

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