In need of Software or Hardware installation?

Is your business in need of hardware or software installation? Then here at PC Net we are here to help, as installation is one of our main services, and has been for 20 years.

Computer software means the programmes that run it, while hardware means the basics of your computer – the monitor, keyboard and mouse. These are all essential for your computer system to work effectively.
We can design and install a PC to the exact requirements of the environment or task for which it is needed.
Printer technology is constantly changing too and we try to match the printing requirements and specifications of the job.
This means we set up printers so they can be accessed by anyone on the network.
It’s also now very common for businesses to use scanners for filing paperwork. We can set those up to and make sure you get the right one for your business needs.
At PC Net, we supply document scanning hardware and software as required. These can also be networked and allow the user to file and store scanned copies of documents for easy retrieval.
We always advise our clients on which package is best for their purpose when purchasing their software through us and it’s so important to get it right – there are often several versions such as for single or multi-user or corporate and academic use.
We have first hand experience at installing and maintaining business software packages, including products by companies such as Microsoft, Sage and McAfee.
And with technology advancing all the time, hardware often needs to be upgraded and we can advise on what will best suit your business needs.
Just give us a call on 01743 290588 or 01952 684030. We’re here to help!