How to avoid throwing your computer out of the window

It’s up there on the most annoying list – the spinning circle that tells you your computer is trying its best but that it currently cannot give you what you require!

It doesn’t take a pandemic to create a build-up of anger when it comes to technology and computers, many people already list it as one of their greatest stresses.


Which is why we thought it was important to try and put out some support for those of you now dealing with IT, computers, technology, as well as possibly home learning.

For those of you that are used to a room full of technology and now have to complete your to-do list on a machine that had long been left as ‘the spare’ because of its speed….

Different people, different situations

So many different situations for owners, directors, employees – all dealing with it in their own way.

To help us help you we have linked up with Lucy McIvor, Counsellor Deg PCT (MBACP)

Lucy McIvor

Anger and stress

Lucy is a qualified person-centred counsellor with experience in a range of issues including anger and stress.

She shared some information with us about the cycle of anger that most of us experience.

Lucy said: “It starts with a triggering event such as feeling disrespected, having a bad day at work or with the children, or getting cut up while driving for example.

“This then leads to negative thoughts such as “I’m so bad at my job” “no one cares about me” which, in turn, leads to an emotional response such as feelings of shame or guilt or rage.

Hitting your keyboard

“It is only then that we start experiencing physical symptoms such as sweating, shaking, crying, feeling hot, you are now ‘feeling’ angry and then comes the behavioural response – yelling, fighting, criticizing – throwing your mouse or hitting your keyboard!

“Anger often builds without us realising and the best way to combat this is to know when it is building, it is an important emotion and tells us a lot but acknowledgement is key. By assessing the reason you can then do something about it and move forward with clarity.”

Weekly tips

PC Net is working with Lucy to provide weekly tips on how to prevent the blow-up that may leave you with equipment that is past the point of no return!

We do hope it will help as you navigate this new working environment.