Government Cyber Security Initiative Welcomed


Here at PC Net we are committed to supporting anything that will help tackle threats to cyber security, so we are pleased to pass on news of a new Government initiative which will bring more people up to speed with the dangers and action that can be taken.

The Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund (CSllF) will be supported by funding from the National Cyber Security Programme and will allow more people to benefit from extensive training opportunities.

The fund works by making cash available to help more adults into the cyber security profession quickly and organisations will be getting the opportunity to bid for funding from the CSllF later this summer.


At PC Net we work with businesses on IT assistance, helping to provide solutions in protecting computer systems and safeguarding from attack. We have been working tirelessly to raise awareness of the growing cyber security threat, highlighting simple plans of action companies and individuals can take to remain safe.


We welcome this Government initiative. It means more people can get involved through this scheme and become more aware of the dangers and the steps we can take to tighten up systems so lessening the threat.


There are simple measures you can take against attack, things like well selected passwords, installing internet security hardware and software and setting up rules within operating systems.


We can install and implement anti-virus software in an efficient manner so it doesn’t slow down your network activity, while also checking for malicious software.


Firewalls increase security, especially when working from home, and we have been installing Sonicwall firewalls for more than 10 years.


This Government backed pilot fund aims to quickly increase the diversity and numbers of those working in the UK’s rapidly expanding cyber security sector with the goal of developing a sustainable supply of home grown cyber security talent. Something we should all be supporting.


To find out more about the Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund email csiif@culture.gov.uk or download the Guidance for Applicants.