Get the Right IT Support for your Big Office Move

Moving OfficesMoving offices is a huge undertaking for any firm.
You are leaving established premises with existing IT systems where you can
work efficiently.

But sometimes moving is necessary – perhaps your
firm is expanding, perhaps you want to be closer or further away from town, or
perhaps you need purpose-built offices. Whatever the reason for a move may be,
one thing you want to be ready quickly and efficiently in your new home is your
IT system.

Here are a few ideas to take the stress out of your

  1. Try to plan the moving date around
    business cycles and move during production downtime or a less busy time of
  2. Employ the support of an IT company to
    help you set up and get back to work quickly
  3. Ask your chosen IT company to pack up all
    your computers and servers on your leave date (or earlier if you can work from
    laptops) and set them up again in the new office as quickly as possible. Most IT Support companies are happy
    to work at a weekend or evening if necessary to ensure the move has as little
    impact on business as possible
  4. Make
    sure your IT company liaises with your providers so the internet and phones are
    all easily reconnected
  5. Ensure that a full backup is made of
    all data before any equipment is moved and keep this backup separate from the
    computers being moved
  6. Arrange for any upgrades to equipment to
    be made before the move occurs so that everything is up to date and running
    efficiently in your new office

An IT support company can also help with the design
of your new office as well as installing and maintaining technology

you are planning an office move and would like advice on the best way to do it
please get in touch with us on 01743 290588 or email katy@networksupportsolutions.co.uk