Don’t Neglect Your Home Networks

work hard to ensure our customers’ business IT networks stay safe and
secure. But, with many of you now accessing your work PC’s from the
comfort of your own home though a “VPN” (Virtual Private Network), it is
vital that your home network is just as secure as your work network.

Virus’s such as the notorious Cryptolocker and
WIFI hackers who sit outside houses hacking into poorly secured routers
are just two of the biggest threats to an ill-defended home network.

Practical Steps to Stay Secure

  • Install reputable anti-virus software on ALL your home devices including tablets.
  • Scan all devices regularly.
  • Disable the WPS settings on your router – this stops hackers finding your PIN code and accessing your network. WPS allows for a simple way of connecting
    devices to your network. BUT it has an inherent security loophole that
    allows hackers to access your PIN code and get onto your network.
  • Update all home devices and PCs regularly including your: operating systems, internet browsers, hardware drivers and any software
    installed on the machine(s).
  • Always ensure automatic updates are switched on, if available
  • Protect important folders by backing up regularly
  • NEVER – connect to your business network if you think your home network has been compromised.

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