Do you know what I.T. systems you are working on?

Do you know what computer systems you, or your employees, are operating on? If not it may be as well to double check because several will become obsolete and unsupported after January 14 2020, only 6 months away.

It is a major issue that needs addressing – or companies may well find themselves in all sorts of trouble with potential cyber security breaches and the loss of vital data which could prove extremely costly.

Microsoft is ending its Extended Support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008/R2 and Exchange Server on January 14, 2020.

What does this mean for you?

It means updates and security patches will cease with the result of Windows 7 workstations and these particular servers becoming increasingly vulnerable.

Companies will still be able to use the systems after that date, they will still function, but the withdrawal of Extended Support increases danger of attack and security breach if they continue to be used.

In terms of Windows 7, Microsoft actually shutdown all mainstream support in January 2015 but continued to safeguard the system through Extended Support and it is that support which will no longer be in place after January 14 next year.

The company will not be adding any new features between now and the deadline coming into force but will continue to patch any security threats, meaning the system is safe to use until then.

This deadline is only a matter of months away and it is imperative business owners start thinking about the issues involved in upgrading or replacing to ensure they are fully protected after January 14.

Some businesses will not believe this action is necessary or will leave it until the very last moment to take the appropriate steps.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to deal with this issue in good time as there may well be a clamour for the services of IT professionals the nearer we get to the deadline and it may not be possible to enlist the help you need because we are all likely to be inundated with calls to upgrade systems. We need time to carry it out!

So what should you do?

The first thing is to check your workstations, servers, laptops to see what systems you are working on and then act accordingly.

If you have laptops or PCs running Windows 7 it is possible to upgrade newer computers to Windows 10.

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