Cyclescheme benefits and its impact on staff

It’s time to get on your bike to help the environment – we are doing our bit, so why don’t you join us?

You may not have heard of Cyclescheme, a national project aimed at encouraging a healthier lifestyle and taking more vehicles off our roads. The scheme is proving to be of great benefit to employees through savings on a bike and accessories with no up-front payments as they are taken tax-efficiently from a salary by the employer.

It’s been well received up and down the country and we signed up with our very own Andy Perry who took delivery of his Cyclescheme bike – and is already putting it to good use!

Why it’s necessary

The Cycle to Work scheme is a UK Government initiative to promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution, and we are really pleased to be a part of it.

Climate change and sustainability are concerns for businesses and employees alike. We wanted to use the Cycle to Work scheme not only for the benefit of our employees but also as a tool to tackle climate change.

We could all do more to help our environment and it’s important to recognise the issues while safeguarding our planet for future generations. Our planet is a lovely place to live but we must take care of it – it’s the only one we’ve got!

More and more people, governments, businesses and other organisations are recognising the responsibilities we have and it’s pleasing to see action being taken in so many areas.

Encouraging people to take up cycling is a good and simple way to make a difference – cutting down on those car emissions while also providing a great way of keeping in shape.

More about the scheme

Cyclescheme is a UK leading provider of tax-free bikes for work with the bonus of saving at least 25% on a bike and accessories. The Cycle to Work scheme is also good news for employers as every bike passing through the process means a saving on National Insurance.

So, it’s a scheme focused on increasing levels of fitness, has great green credentials and is of financial benefit to those taking part and their employers – a real win, win situation all round!