Cyber Security Small Business Guide – action steps

cybersecurity, national cyber security centre, cyber securityAn update on managing your Cyber Security risk from our MD, Katy Jones:


Are you on top of your cyber security yet? If not, I advise you take a look at the material that is now available for businesses – including the recently released actions leaflet issued by the National Cyber Security Centre.

It has been compiled as a follow-up to the Small Business Guide (SBG) which offers quick and easy to understand guidance to help small businesses protect themselves from cyber crime.

The actions leaflet was put together after feedback was collated from businesses on the best way to improve and grow the SBG.



Cyber security has been in the news for some while now and is a major issue confronting businesses. It is important that firms recognise the dangers and do all they can to stay on top of their cyber security.

If they are not considering the problems that can arise I would strongly urge them to do so and take a look at this leaflet – an extremely useful checklist which will help keep your business safe.

It is estimated that if you are a small or medium sized enterprise you have about a 1 in 2 chance of falling victim to a cyber security breach. Being a victim of cyber crime can be devastating to your business and represents a real threat to the whole of the UK economy.

I strongly believe this actions guidance will significantly increase your protection from the risk of cyber attack.

The advice focuses on:

  • things to consider when backing up your data
  • protecting your business from malware
  • how to keep all mobile devices and the information stored on them safe
  • things to keep in mind when using passwords, and
  • steps you can take to identify the most common phishing attacks

These are simple steps you can take to keep your business safe from attack and this document simply explains how to go about it. We offer a number of services, such as remote monitoring, that can help minimise your Cyber Security risk. It really is easy to follow and implement and will go some way to avoiding the devastation of a security breach.

For more information about the Small Business Guide and the actions leaflet, visit https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/smallbusiness